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Freestyle (Quincy On Deck) lyrics

I'll beat the fuck out of u
U be at yo funerl wide awake like yo soul snuck out of you
Back the fuck up and do yourself a favor
Cuz wen I go 2 collage ass whoopin is my major
U underestimate people and get 2 testin
U gone learn a valuble lesson for smith and western
U betta get a part time job and start investin
Cuz pertectin of my sawed of is gonna blow dat cheast in
Is he dead yet? you askin a stupid questin
You mutha fuckas here is the definition of restin
I aint up on da beef talkin
I jus let da heat squak and I keep walkin cuz yall keep talkin
But u no I'm all terrer I'll show up at yo funeral and punch da
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