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Grown Man Pt. 2 lyrics

Its yo boy, Kanye To Tha
The ROC is in the building..hey hey

Chorus(John Legend):
You know that you wanna be down now
So come on lets stop playing around now
Act grow for once, lets go
Come on baby, lets go

Verse 1(Kanye):
Have an affair be an adult for once
How about a car run in a store for ??
Roll a lil' weed a lil' Hennessy
Lets see will the rest develop like Tennessee
Kill tha back and forth
All that knee comin on her, you backin off
Cuz the second i spit game too long
You'll run and tell ya friends he came on way too strong
The he say, she say just like junior high
So if i smash you would lie and say you was high
And if you freaky you'll blame it on ya B-Day
But how do you explain f**on the freeway
Listen, you aint gotta lot of kick it
I aint gotta lot of stick it
This is me K
Move ya body now victim to the D.J.
And in the morning we gon have amnesiA
So for now lets take it to max like T.J., hey!


Verse 2(Young Chris):
Face in the pillow she moaned while i hit it
Tight bra opposite thong kinda kiddish
All i need is for to be grown
You try to visit my home
I don't usually show em how i'm living
I roam and once i get em i bone
I neva hit up they phone
I leave em sittin alone soakin the sheets up
Think she gon ride in the "V" smokin my reefer
Blowin my beeper hopin that i skeet up in that
I been strapped a pair for tha ???
Bought a bib just in case she don't swallow it's for tha kids
I'm all in the middle, she hollerin it's in my ribs
I'm hopin that her nigga ain't follow us to the crib
Cuz it could get ugly i promise you where i live
These niggaz get to buggin
That's why i keep it real wit all mine from tha start
Cuz Jay say love em wit ya mind not ya heart


Verse 3(Young Neef):
Yo, i guess when you young you like em old
And when you old you like em young
You understand where i'm coming from
I guess not, you betta listen and watch and stop talkin
Cuz black girls lost, it happens often
Need to step up to the plate and get ya weight up
Where ya jeans a lil' bit tighter and fix ya make-up
I don't want a roughneck but can't be shook
She got ta love the kids and know how to cook
From time to time, she could get a library look
She gotta be sophisticated and loyal
I love em down to earth but i can't stand em spoiled
Especially when they straight from tha hood
Neva been to cali but she actin hollywood
Runnin 'round town like she know what's good
You eva heard tha sayin mami "do as you should"
And if you aint listen, you gon wish that would..yep!


(Fade to end....)