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Beef lyrics

{Neef Talking}
Yo C hand me that muthafucking ratchet man
These niggas talkin all that beef shit
Soon as this nigga come around the muthafucking corner I'ma lay this nigga
Fuck this nigga

{Chris Verse}
Hundred round lay em down from a far
Talking that trunk shit layed down by the bar
Spit it how I live it
Yeah I'm down for the ?
Thinking I ain't wit it run around from New York
Though I Knew niggas niggas is down wit the law
All new heat niggas ain' down wit the broads
I ain't trying lease I'm putting down what it cost
All you playa haters get lost
I'm warning niggas,informing niggas we can take it toe-to-toe blow-for-blow
Grab you 4 teflons going ?
Shoot em' up niggas is rugered up
The lead flying, somebody dying, suit em' up
Nigga you come in our direction
Shells in your fleshing
I was told homey squeeze first in thought of question
Niggas will never ever get on our level
Before you getting my chedder
Homey you kiss my bareta

{Swiss Beats Chorus}
If it's beef fire it up{repeat 8x's}

{Neef Verse}
Yo it start from a fist fight
You know where it end right
Niggas talkin that roach shit
Getting they ratchet
Trying lead the only thing you love out to be bastards
Gotta walk down on them cause them feinds ain't asking
That laser grip bullshit you mine as get rid of it
? what I got I let it breathe a lil' bit
Trust me that pump-action garunteed you a casket{Whooo!}
Some crying other niggas was laughing
In my hood it ain't good
Niggas get what they deserve
That Mauseberg 500 lay em' on the curb
All cause him and them had a couple words
Now mom dukes letting off a couple birds
Dubs cry, slugs fly most times it ain't even over no pies
It's just some regular of guys
Wanted dead or alive and in my hood they never ask that Question Why?

{Chorus repeat 8x's}

{Neef Verse}
You know we right back at em
Tinted up on the caddy
Bunch of pistol grip and I fullied the automaty
Yeah, and I can care less if they bag me
Gotta hit em' where it hurt
While she coming out of church
Ransom a 100 grand it can get me what she worth
For I put her to the earth
And otherwise she murked
Just another T-shirt
Nigga lost in the sauce
Next time you know better fuckin' wit a boss

They know we tear the place up
Face fruity and the Jacob
Play tough big ass toolie cover the waist up
Call my ace up nigga ? on his way up
I told him bring the eight's up and come one bring the K's up
Coming straight up somebody block getting sprayed
Babies time to wake up somebody shooting again
Somebody losing a friend over music again
Happened before we'll do it again

{Chorus repeat 8x's}
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