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Lovetune lyrics

Warm when I'm sitting next you.
I'd like to lie under the sun,
And play for you my tunes if you
Choose to sit with me awhile
I can turn your world around
And leave you with a smile
Oh you don't see things the same
As I do, but I'm intrigue by the
Words you spoke to me. So lets
Take a walk around. Jump as high
As were allowed And lie above the
Ground. Cause were free
So young and we can be anything
That we can dream. So come with me,
And see these thing that make me
Believe in love lalalalalalalala ooohh
Torn when I'm miles away from you
I like to lie under the moon and play myself
A tune and think of you, lying next to me
I love the way the world revolves when
You're the one I see. Do you believe
This love will slowly pass or Reach the
Highest peak that noone else will ever
Grasp? Because I do. I love you. And I
Wanna be beside you eternally.
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