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Hello To Never lyrics

Goodbye to what if
Hello to never
So long to someday too
Just dig a hole
And put my coffin under how many times
Have i tried to sever?
How long until i’m through
But if i let go
I know i’ll often wonder
So never run
I can think a way out of it
Don’t pretend to know how
But i know why
Try to swim but don’t sink
Come up above it
Treading water right now
It’s do or die
I know better than anyone it’s true
I’m getting on but i’m getting better, too
Admit defeat
Let down your defenses
Why do you have to fight
A losing cause to find the thing you’re missin’?
Know when you’re beat and come to your senses
Still, i’m compelled to write
Without applause
And though no one will listen
Give it up and get away
I shouldn’t wonder
In a decade or a day
It’s hard to tell
Give it up or get it right
I’m going under yeah, but not without a fight
It’s just as well.
I know better than anyone could guess
I’m getting tired of all this now, i confess
If only my art
Could somehow relate
Then maybe my life
Would then imitate
The things i’d contrive
And not what i feel
But it wouldn’t be right
It wouldn’t be real
Don’t look now
They’re coming after you
Dig in, though you don’t know what to do
Something’s gonna happen any day
But what i can’t say
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