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Forget What You've Heard lyrics

I need to start up again
Something to get me excited
Places where i’ve never been
I need to begin take me through the open door
Where to go cannot conceive
But i know that i can’t stay here
I need somebody to see
Someone to believe
That i can do something more
After a while you could forget what you’ve heard
Another mile, but know i meant every word
Stay here with me, while i am passionate yet
For i won’t live a life ordinary in regret
I need the sun on my face
Warm me up to the idea
Quickening every pace
Revealing a place
Where i can be satisfied
I’m often in sight
I wanna be there
There’s no greater height
Of this i’m aware
Never before today
Even outside a dream
Did so far away it seem
From where i sit a mile high
I could give up
I could go on
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