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Fall Out Of Time lyrics

Walking it hand in hand and free while you’re impacted
Don’t you go and abandon me when i’m distracted
Begin again and i’ll be fine
What’d you mean to say?
I’m having a most difficult time hearing you today
Come on up why are you waiting?
Do i have to say i’m sorry?
Would you consider staying another day in spite
Of the things i’ve been saying?
So i can make it right
Don’t fall out of line
So name the place i’ll meet you there
You stopped and then said
“but i wasn’t going anywhere, how’d that get in your head?”
How soon do i forget
I must be slow
Haven’t got it yet
Do what i must, i guess that’s fair
But i face it with dread
Can i be candid
Angry and honest
Insubordinate, too?
Look where we’ve landed
See where you’ve brought us
I’m losing faith in you
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