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Left Field lyrics

If you step to the right, I step to the left

I'm too hard, to tell you that you're def

{repeat 4X

[Jingle Bel]

You are my Bubblin Brown Sugah

But you Cram to Understand, I'm a man

Sensitivity, is a virtue

But if I don't show that, I hurt you

In front of your friends, we peck but expect me to hold on

cause we can't do that

Honey screw dat, and yes I do love you

But do we have to act like we're glued, together

all the time, boots on my mind

Fine wine with lips so girl take a sip

And let's get cozy, let me mow the.. lawn

Cause you know we got it goin on.. and on

to the pawns.. to the kings.. to the queens

to your chest.. checkmate

You know the rest

If you step to the right, I step to the left

I'm too shy, to tell you that you're def

{repeat 4X


I got this girlfriend, but she's not really mine

Cause on the end of girlfriend is the way that she's inclined

Dressed to impress but she don't play dress-up

to catch my attention cause I already messed up

See I get ribbed, cause she acts like I'm sibling

Playin a brother role puts a block between my goals

I'm sold on the thought, cause I know I can correct it

But I don't step, cause I'm scared she might reject it

So I play along just for a chance to be around her

Perhaps she'll catch my hints, and we can end this fencin

then I'll make her my babyyy babyyy babyyy

Drivin me crazy on the one and one tip

When will she stop this brother stuff?

Hookin me up with girls that look busted, and rough

that run with the crew thinkin that I wanna screw

Why in the hell would I want her unless she looked as good as you?

But as usual, I step to the side

Content with givin advice, and giv-in her a ride

Cause I gotta stay close, to the one that I adore

From afar I wait for her, my door stays ajar

If you step to the right, I step to the left

I'm too fly, to tell you that you're def

{repeat 2X

[Spin 4th]

Now here's the deal, my dollars spill

throughout the mall, my eyeballs fall

I see this vision, I switch the mission

But scared of dissin, I change my condition

and keep on walkin, though she's hawkin

I should be talkin, no I can't kill my rep

Yo she slept, and I just crept

right on by, cause man I'm fly

Straight hardcore, through the door

Cause I'm much more, than Mr. Smooth Talker

That's for the pigeons, cause that's how I'm livin

And I should be swimmin, in all the lovely women

But man I'm not, I wonder why

Is it because I'm too hard and too fly?

Hmm.. could be, nah forget it

There's just no woman out there to get widdit

Get to my car, remove my glock

It looks like tonight's another Blockbuster stop

Bust a couple of movies, sit back and wonder

Yo I think that chick woulda given me her number

Oh well, it's too late now

I hit the lightswitch {*snoring sounds*

If you step to the right, I step to the left

I'm too stupid, to tell you that you're def

{repeat 4X

The point of this song was..