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The Good Times lyrics

The Good Times we go on.. we go on.. we go on..
The good times we go on, we go on.. we go on

It was long ago, when I was in the studio
With chesron we sang tight fo sho..
We kept going on, get going on..
We kept singing nobody owns.. nobody owns me...

We had to Take them Down, Take U Down
Never frown, always proud
Of our songs and our skills
It were some good times, that's how we feel

We went to the club, with some shorties
Drank some vodka shit, while chesron a bacardi
And we were enjoying the song we produced
That afternoon, ches passed me the booze

We returned, and I had to leave next day
I had to take the train to Switzerland
And after I got back, I went on the bus but didn't have my pass
So I was fined with fucking eighty swiss franks

Those were the good times...
In the studio with some vodka, drinkin all the time
The good times
In the studio with dchesron singing Take U Down

I left switzerland after finishing the damn school
I was in germany, exactly in Köln
I met Big Mike in tha club, and the rest of his crew
Some rappers from the United Kingdom

I went to Nuremberg, to meet Kapone
Phoned his ass told him I would go
He was waiting me in a tight Audi
But he kept himself real without any "howdy"

We kept going on going on going on
I met his mom and pop, we kept rolling on
And you know the song I made over there
Stop for a moment and think damn yeah

But the best part was when we went downtown
To smoke some.. with mop and a whole crowd
Of people, so go smoke some some some.. ish
And that was a Good good good time..

Those were the good times...
With my brother Kapone in germany with his audi
The good times
In the studio with K singing Stop & Think

So I returned to holland with DChesron
Lot's of fun, went to the shop
To buy me some sneakers which I still wear
In a hiphop store where the stereo blared

We went back to the studio, to record again
We had beef with lost souls so we runned on them
We rapped Drive By, but now the beef is over
It was because lucifer wasn't sober

It makes me remember when were gonna fight
Against that guy who thought he was right
Too bad he was drunk, I don't hit weak guys
Same as DChesron, that day was real tight

So it was almost the end, just like this song
I had to go back to Mexico
So this is how we rolled and kicked it for the first time
Cause in europe i had some good times...
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