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Take U Down lyrics

Artist: Xero ft. DChesron
Album: Representing
Song: Take U Down

We are the smugglin beat

Listen up,
We are the smugglin beat

They Take U Down,
Just follow me now,
They take us down,
No time 2 count,
Ur blesses

Now I know never take ur trust 2 a level
Believin these mothafuckin bitches they take u down with battles
Of luv and hate, breakin my heart, daily, no faith, I faint,
Cant be the way, plz God let me pray
Flow my sound, makin sum rounds in rappin
Styles aint shit when ur grabb the mic, havin
A hard time, let it be it no heavy tripp
On ur rhymes in ur mind,
Gotta get my signs of the clinic back in time,
No it's time 2 go, fuckin a hoe fo sho,
Cuz when u got a chick she turned out a hoe,
Don't let go, cuz a hoe wanna know what kinda passion
U show, and when the hataz come 2 take u down don't let em show
Ur with that hoe makin a livin of sum dope tha hoe gave u so,
Plz don't be a gangsta if u don't have the blood,
Cuz a gangsta is a thug but aint a God

They Take U Down,
Just follow me now,
They take us down,
No time 2 count,
Ur blesses

Its the same we started, and moved through new shit
Tried to take us down for our color, we brought new hits
And we be banging and rappin and singin
Prayin and tellin, the thugstas aint failin man...
Thugs Generation up in this bitch
My small brother lil D gonna trip
Never let anyone take us down
We bustin back, strapped with gats on our town
Its a show with no mistake to make
This music is our shit that we always create
Makin songs all night, the pressure is high
No time 2 sleep, no time 2 die
We don't need 2 bow down,
(back down back down)
We don't need 2 bow down
(ur blesses)

I took that step and,
Everybody wanna end when
The first drop of the sound called harmony
Nobody wanna be like sumbody gettin flawlous see,
They wanna show, fuck my enemies
It aint easy 2 be me, 2 be u,
It aint easy 2 be them, 2 be the truth,
Follow and holla at the homeyz on the other side makin their right
Gotta get my mothafuckin fonies on the right side so everybody
Gonna see I aint gotta get fried of tha bustaz
Slight 2 the sky, gettin me high of the friedness,
It comes, can't wait 2 get buck down, fuck'it all up,
Makin these suckaz scared, Im blessed Oh God!!!
Help me out, of this problem life settle things down,
Cmon holla holla show me the things u found
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