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Yeah.. sometimes.. u think everything's goin wrong..
But you gotta fight.. you gotta survive.. and listen.. listen.. listen..

See what we do in this rap game
See how we fight to stop crack fiends
See how we change minds with our shit
Just see.. you might start to feel on our trip

Everybody wants some fame, Everybody wants to rap,
Everybody wants a dime, to make it out of their crap
Way of living, but we feeling that we missing and we tripping
Every motherfucker cuz they feel that we're dissing
Them outta nothing, but we rappers stay true
Entertain all the newcomers but the rest got no clue
That rappers tell a new story, and that most of them are fake
And that's why I'll be smoking chronic until the last day
Everybody gotta tell me why, the life's so wrong at times
Why some have a good place, and why some gotta die
Everybody got a reason, to stay in trouble
Make it double when the smugglers come and break your bubble
Then we follow to the next step where we try to explain
That we are not the ones to blame, rap and life are not the same
I gotta tell y'all to keep going on, continue with your life
And don't think of killin yourself with that knife..

Now look, tell me, why do we do this kind of stuff
Take a mic, take our shirts off and try to look tuff
But we just, put the vocals on a track, so you listen 2 us
We got the buzz to make your head go on and off
Then we, get on the bus, or on our cars
The young smugglers with thousand of lines and bars
This is our war, and we gon fight we'll go far
And we'll return instantaneous like some rapping stars
It's just that me and my group are united, always backin
Each other, we get our shit cracking, and rapping
Is how we gon make it, we gon brake it, just rate it
And play with it.. you know what im talking about aint it?
I'm talkin bout the rap game indeed, this rap shit for me
Is like a pool filled with gold inside it, so just hit
And rip this shit, like all the elite,
The double o, clear s who's just the newest menace is that me?

I can't really believe that we be walkin the same path
Makin a dash makin blasts then we gon pass the grass is too fast
And I'm talking bullshit as usual, so just forget it I had to do it
Make a move with it, and rapping through it
That's how you do it, see how it is
I make a song, they way I want it to be, not like a CEO wants it to be
So I just rip this beat, get into it very deep
So I can listen to it when i'm chilling with some bitch
And I don't have anything against women
Cause everytime someone makes a comment bout em,
I stand against and treat them with respect
But there are some real sluts who need to regret
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