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My Lady lyrics

Look at you.. still keepin it real huh?
Look baby.. we gotta go.. and emotions will come..

If you wanna be my lady just say it..
If you wanna be my lady..
Just say it..

If you wanna be my lady, just say it just say it.. huh..
If you wanna be my girl, just love me today (yeah)
If you wanna be my baby, just make me go crazy
If you wanna be my lady, just say it just say it girl

Now look baby, take me to that place
Where we can kiss each other make it face 2 face
Lips 2 lips now it's gettin better huh?
So lady, my baby, is just the weather huh?

We can go n ride we can go n fly
Question my love to you, but you know im gonna try
Just erase my madness from my brain
Melt my heart, nothin to lose but too much 2 gain

Open up your spirit, let me enter into it
Get inside your deepest secrets, one for another bit
Walk me into you, so I know where to go
Show me all your paths, and I will know ya fo sho

Every step in the shadows is just another universe
I thought i had lost love, thought it was deep in that hearse
But you brought it back to life, showed me the sky
Made me know ya so I know you're really right

So baby, tell me how we're gonna roll
How we gonna flow our love, make it never fall
Charm it so it won't disappear
Cause the sphere of our fear is gettin really weird
Let's just capture it, keep it just forever
And never let it die, you know that better than anyone


So come n ride, come lets fly
If you wanna know why, lets just dance
I would kill for you, fight for you
Smoke for you, and have fun with you
You wanna ride with me, come get high with me
You just need to say and touch my bo-dy
Mad lovin from your unique smuggler in the world
So baby my lady come with me girl
The simple vision of your eyes makes my head go crazy
Makes my brain to wake up to stop being lazy
First time I saw you and asked for your phone #
You didn't knew but my heart burn like lumber
And if you wanna come hug me and trip on my bed
I'll tell you "i wanna make love with u today"
Directly in your ear, so you won't even fear
And aproach to my sphere.. with a love-making spear
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