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Speed Revolution lyrics

Take me to a golden future
Fighting for justice.
Let me be a rebell, now.
The glory will be mine.

Take'em to the guillotine
And let the blade fall down,
The blood is ours, 'cause we've glory
Say: "Down with the crown".

Get up, fight for the right
Watch out, our star is shining bright!

Revolution! Revolution!
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The lords and ladies are be headed,
The sacrifice is done
But just one lord is still alive,
It's Satan the number one.

He's our father, we are his soldiers,
Fight for Satan, a fight for Satan
The revolution is his work, we are just only his tools
Fight for Satan, a fight for Satan

Revolution! Revolution!

He's our leader, we are his soldiers.
Revolution, a revolution.
Revolution, speed revolution, speed revolution.