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Motivated lyrics

You're everything I want girl, I wanna give you what you need
Baby when I said I... the globe I don't mean to glow
You're everything I want girl I give you what you need
I was born to spend money
Girl we make the perfect team.

Like the... you can have it all my... from selfish
That's your dance part harder than elvis
You wishing... a star, I'm the start you end up with.
You know how... ice cube's a... too,
Would you like that well me too
So turn the lady... we need too,
Anything that make my sugar happy
She like to be young... sugar daddy
Condo classy you could let it in, mine is to see you
You could let me in every...
What I really do... but none of them is pretty as you
Or we could... to the city too, in that 62...

Whatever you want, whatever you need,
You give me more than faded baby...
I'm tired of playing games
I want to treat you like a queen
Whatever it takes to keep you motivated.
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Would you wanna... liek the...
I'm a dumb collector, sex of the wall like a projector
... I ain't gotta respect you, no more shopping to sea town
... every night from mister...
Love is blind but I see you now
Soon as you call I answer no need to read down
And even had a dream yet,
She's at the high heels alexander mcqueen dress
... just to catch a... ain't seen yet
I do the damn thing, trust me like pepsi
I'm a brand name, must be impressed...
I get you your loan and champagne
Do the damn thing.


Well I cuff you, you know me to rush you
... I guarantee to touch ya
See us... to pick up, she like the... as soon as she see...
I show you how ball player... we live around ball players
... life changes... is nothing but price...

There's a combination to your heart
You to the left, me to the right
Love in the middle girl
And what we've built together
Let nobody teary apart
That's what I do for you girl.

[2 x chorus:]
Motivated, motivated
Motivated, motivated