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Tommy lyrics

(N. Bottini)

She closed the door of their house
She didn't make any noise
Then she looked at the clock in the street
It was 5 a.m., the air was quite cold
She had no bags in her hands
On her face were no tears
But she kissed her man twice when she left
He was sleepin' in the warmth of their bed
Now she's gone

Oh Tommy, oh Tommy
Just sit and wait for her at home
Oh Tommy, oh Tommy
She will come back when she has grown
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Slept for a while on that bus
She didn't know where it was goin'
Just knew that it was goin' to take her away
And away was enough
She didn't care about love
About what she once had in her life
Just wanted to find something to soothe the hunger
That burned in her heart
Man, she's gone


Once more he found that
Tomorrow is always so fleeting
She left him with thousands of questions
But carried the answers with her
Wonderin' about what is right
He just waits for the day when
His love will be weakened enough
And the pain will turn into anger
Yeah, she's gone