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The Highway lyrics

(N. Bottini)

Drivin' on a road it was late in the night
The rear view mirror showed me nothing but darkness
Upon the things I've left behind

Then I saw her hitchin' for a ride and
I let her climb into my life
And when the sun begun to shine
Starin' at the flowin' white line

She said: "Baby, the highway's still long"

The highway shines in the light of the new morning sun
Snakin' through things that come from afar
They look so old when they pass me by
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So many things being lost or gained
Through crossroads, hills and not warned turns
Will make nothin' being the same
As it looked from far away

The highway's still long
Yeah, the highway's still long
The eye's on the line, the hand on the wheel is strong
The highway's still long

Some men they pray for livin'
Some men they pray for dyin'
But that ain't me
I'm gonna roll on down the line, 'cause baby


On the road again alone
With some memories and the fear
That I won't find something that's better to long for

I guess I'm just this kind of guy
I stop sometimes but just for a while
And then I start to ride again
Til this blacktop river will show it's end

Meet me on the highway