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That Way lyrics

(N. Bottini)

I bet the people around me will be right
And I will find myself losin' again.
But I think that when you understand you're a loser
Then you're ready to start to win.

So I'll toast with water if I have no champagne
And a very few people will be pleased to see my face
But that'll be the face that at the end of the day
I'll see in the mirror before goin' to bed.
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And so that way I wanna go
Yeah that way I'm gonna go
I know it won't be the easiest one
But I sure ain't gonna die before I started my own life.

If you're gonna walk along here by my side
Just pack your bags and get out of home quick
And I promise that I won't use no chains with you
So be sure you ain't gonna use them with me

Don't you try to bother me with big shiny cars
I feel so alive when I'm playin' my guitar
And maybe someday I'll say a forced "I don't care !"
But that'll be just better than not livin' my way.