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My Arms Are Weak lyrics

(N. Bottini)

Just a hand upon the eyes
Can be enough to hide the sun
The prettier a butterfly is
The easier it gets killed

Time we missed ain't been that much
But wastin' time, girl, has got it's cost
Lost time burns down in my soul
Its smoke sometimes might join my words
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I wish I could stay here tonight
Pretending everything'll be right
And hoping you will be enough strong
To help me get back what has gone
'Cause my arms are weak, I can't hold you tight
My arms are weak, I can't hold you tight

My heart is fed with reasons
To get healed when it's torn
If there ain't no reasons
Heart would grow up wrong

You say everything will be so fine
And your eyes will return to shine
My good feelings they will come back
How can I sweep the dirt from them ?


The pain tattoes the life on the soul
What's been lived is forever yours
A small spot might fade with time
But you'll always see it if you squint your eyes