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Back On Our Own lyrics

(N. Bottini)

Ain't the right guy, that can suit one of your kind
Sure I don't want you to be mine
But many times we sat together
We've been talking 'bout our lives

Yeah, we told each other we couldn't share no more of our time
And the routes we took, they don't cross
But I am lookin' for somebody
Who's gonna stay with me tonight

Yeah, we'll feel alright, my pretty baby
We'll forget every pain in our souls
A pleasing cheat that will end tomorrow
Then we'll be back on our own
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We could walk for a while, go downtown to see the lights
Play some pool or dance 'til the dawn
Then go where nobody can see us
And just let the time roll on

Yeah, we'll forget about our roles, and play any character we want
In our audience there'll be no judge
And anyone that hates our laughter
We can send them way back home


Choose what you like, try to put your doubts aside
We both need the same thing tonight
Hey, it is just a waste of time
To keep on wonderin' if it's right

And so let's move along, I bet it's goin' to work
We're both sure we won't fall in love
So come on now with no restraint
Because this night soon will end.