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Lazy Day lyrics

Well it's the lazy days, what? The lazy days
I'm sittin' back in my lounge chair stone cold maxin'
Thinkin' 'bout the next MC I'm gonna wax
In concert, goin' beserk, but not today
Today I'm cold chillin' right around my way
A dip-dipperty-doo-dah-a dipperty-day
Say partner would you run to the store and buy me a philly
Roll up the ism and get illy
Coolin' while I rule 'cos I went to school
I'm lampin' with my girl travel round the world
I'm puffin' on the hay the nubian way
So parlez parlez parlez 'cos it's a lazy day

Well in 1991 I was out to have fun, but in 1992 I hit the rocks for a few
But now it's 1993 and kid it's all about me
And now I'm lampin' in the shade 'cos I'm P-A-I-D
On my way home one day I ran into this girl, she said
"Hi-C would you take me for a whirl in your beamer?"
I said nope 'cos she's a schemer
I stay away from hookers tryin' to take me to the cleaners
Rancho, Sanchero, I'm makin' mad De Niro
Ya don't like my style, huh, so check it
When I rock the mic kid ya better obey
And take heed to what I say 'cos it's a lazy day

Well I made it back to my crib in one piece
It never ceases to amaze when my vocal's released
Mom Dukes knocked on my door, she said "Go to the store
I need some greens and cornbread, and boy cut off those dreads"
So I went to the store then hopped to the barber shop
I told my man Ed to hook up the low flat top
This kid Boo was there, he said he had a sack
I said cool, chilly chill, we'll spark it on the way back
So hey rolled up the hey now you're talkin'
Sparked the phillz nilz then we kept on walkin'
This is a normal day right around my way
So parlez parlez parlez 'cos it's a lazy day