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It's Like That lyrics

Hey, yo, kid, bust this, it's time to drop the flavor
I'm fly as can be, I'm rhymin' on my good behavior
From New York City kickin' dope rhymes that you savor
Take it from the top, I cut MCs just like a razor

It's time to kick, 'cause I always do the trick
The shit that you always poppin' all amount to a flick
Stick nigga's up with the hype rhyme filled with ammo
Blast from the past bullets passin' through your abdomen

Rin tin tin I troop in on the bins
My friends is down in the dumps, 'cause I cashed in on the wins
Hens and chickens layin' low, sucker nigga's don't know
That I can kick the mad ballistics plus I'm wreckin' every show

Sew it up, you got static?
'Cause I'm better than the next chump so don't panic
'Cause I'm a wet you with my skills, still chill, got the crispy bills
'Cause it's like that the way it is, get off the dills and it's like that

You've got to give me props I'm on the way to the top
Stop, I think I just heard a pin drop
'Cause you're stunned by the way I came off my head Ted
Turn the packs to burner and I put heads to bed

Fed up but I'm still just too legit to quit
I sit in my girly's lap while I'm kissin' on her lips
Girls love to lick 'em up and up and down and all around
But only if their sexual history is sound

I'm a brown skinned medallion, code name mic stallion
Takin' over brothers that are dillyin' and dallyin'
I'm rallyin' like Al Sharpton, militant youth
Booth built for the DJ, hooked up and sound proofed

Seein' is believin' yo believin' is my method
So believe me when I say that it's the party that I'm wreckin'
Sinbad the sailor couldn't take me out
And I hope your ass don't take that route and it's like that

Steady as I flow I row row row your boat
I got a castle in Brackerlack with sharks in my moat
So use the drawbridge and pave way while I say
Hi-C and Rahsaan are down until the break of day

And like he man I have the power
I like my chicken from the china man but make it sweet
And sour devour all other wack MCs
And when I windsurf nature gives me a breeze

'Cause it's a new jack kickin' rhymes like Jackie Chan
I got a year round tan 'cause I'm a brother man
I'm travellin' in style I gotta pass the first class
'Cause it's time to give rappin' some pizzazz

So the B-boys from Brooklyn breakin' bones for the bucks
I never ever sell out but I still own a tux
Huh, I make short work of your crew
Hi-C the beast master kick the funky for you and it's like that