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Frustrated lyrics

You can say I'm young and green behind the ears way
Too young to know the meaning of real tears I've lived in
Government projects for more than half my life the stories
They're all true I've managed to survive. "What did you say
About,where I live it rains bullets in this environment What I
Know didn't just come to me I'm a witness
To civil war mentality" the first time I saw death man I was only
5 the young hood lay on the ground this picture changed my life
"I ain't gonna go out that way!!" "I ain't gonna go out that way!!"
Frustrated frustrated where I'm gonna go nobody knows
Frustrated will they shoot me to death or will they stab me
Instead well I just don't know
Everybody knows "I ain't gonna' go out that way" "I ain't gonna
Go out that way!!" "what did you say about where i' live it rains
Bullets in this environments what I know didn't just come to me
I'm a witness to civil war mentality"