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Faith lyrics

You came to my doorstep when I was still real young you
Tried to recruit me and made me speak in tongues
Told me there was only one you said if I didn't pray with you I'd
Go to hell and I'd better repent right now I did
As you said cuz right then I was real scared man I just wanted
Out "I want to see for myself a miracle cure a
Bleeding statue the truth is surely out there but whom's in
Control as destiny unfolds, believe in what you will cuz
You're free to decide if I haven't felt it probably isn't
There my faith in science I just cannot hide, I should
Exist and then so should you our ideas differ but which one is
The truth I don't need another to lead me through
I'll learn what I can until my rebirth "I want to see for myself
A miracle cure a bleeding statue the truth is surely
Out there but who's in control as destiny unfolds" You want to
Control the world imposing your will rejecting
Rational thought what is real is not relative and untrue
According to you don't try to corrupt my mind it won't work