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Again And Again lyrics

We're back to haunt you like no one before it's
All truth no lies go out and explore make yourself
The one don't surrender our soul compulsions lie deep and are
Hard to control like serpents in a pit with you stuck
Inside we're bitten by problems that always arrive emotions will
Hurt and don't. fail to subside see we're all the
Same when we start to confide "we try to live our lives
Trouble-free but that seems impossible the price we pay for
Our humanity we try to work ourselves out of the tangled webs we
Weave to no avail we fail again and again' as if
You didn't know that there is something wrong look around
For yourself and then ask for how long can we live like
This with a will to go on trying to make a life now days sure
Isn't fun these themes are put forward to be by your
Side when we grasp the concept we've
Finally arrived this is just a take of what I see
Of life I believe what I see with my truthful eyes.