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One Heart lyrics

The elevator it goes right to the 21st floor
Hes steppin out and she walks right through the presidents door
In this world you know you're just a fool to take
Hell give you something adds up to nothing
Its your heart that breaks

* one heart stands alone
Stripped right down to the bone
One heart easy to break
( /how much more can you take/tell me now that this is just a mistake)

He sits up there like a king oh in the company chair
Hell cast you right but you know it's just so unfair
So you're one more number now in his telephone book
It shows nothing youve got something from the pleasure he took

* repeat twice

So you think you're found it, your one big break, got what it takes
And you're tough enough to spot all those fakes, your first mistake
But youve got something that survives
A burnin heart stays alive
And now I wish you could do with me
Oh baby you just couldnt see


Hell give you your something, adds up to nothing, and your heart breaks

* repeat three times then start fading
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