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Sauce For Birdheads lyrics

Featuring Shawn Black

Yeah yeah
Let's get it on
Don't sleep 'cause you might slip yo(Chorus 8x)

Shawn Black
Eyes was gazin' as we came through blazin'
Honeys gamin' I caught this money maintaining uh!
Now back to the problem that just ocurred
Yo you reap what you sew peep my flow really dope yo
The drug traffic crack packin' Shawn Blackin'
Brother in the back he with the nickel plated Maxin'
Actin' as if, but son caught the 4/5th
Spittin' out clips, he's shootin' down with 6/6
Now went side the rooftop, I had 2 Glocks
My bitch had the out of town tickets right in the shoebox
Now we all settin' up shop with Pearl Drops
Connect our props, my click don't tickety-tock
Clientele ,word is born, quite strong
With Black Shawn the bitch slid, with a stash of two bricks
I had to see you when we reached Connecticut
Now I jumped on the celly , bad feeling in my belly
That war broke I left the whole crib smelly
We all about ballin', yo you slip when you fuckin' fallin'


Sadat X-
Hey yo, 2 bricks lost, that's a lot Black
Hey yo, I told you 'bout them ho's dick
Ho's will be the death of you
They'll lead you in ambush
And there won't be nothin' left of you
That's hard-earned, I aint got no money to burn
Hey yo, where's this chick at? Uh-huh, For real get my money back
Cause I don't give a fuck where she go or who she know
Just recover that, don't make me smother this witch
Aint you with me Shawn Black?, don't you want to be rich?
Cause I'm too old and it's too cold to pick
Outside hand-to-hand, I don't want to be the man
You understand?
for years, told him not to enough
Kids are gettin' football #
Thinkin' mad things, while a sleeping man slumbers

(Chorus x

Aint no trace, I guess murder is the case
Hey yo , honey look good so don't rock her in her face
I seen ya type of action in the discotecs and
She had this nigger from behind the speaker, you didn't peep her?
She smokin' reefer and drinkin' Harveys Bristol Cream
On the plate with the ice
I will entice the ho and then price the ho
And then grab my dough and leave his on the floor
No traces, cause rap stars can't change their faces, awwwhhhh
The faces and places have been slid to the rear
There's blown trees off the bridge
The convoy of cowboys with ther
Hey did we do our thing Black?
Yeah we put her in the smash
Now the 25th to the 30th precinct
Can't see us cause we move on basic instinct
They want to be us but that ass is just too stinky
What the hell they think would happen
Duck Down niggas is clappin'
It's lifeless and always does it trife trick
Out of my strip, everybody gotta represent
Forget a motorbike, I wanna lamp in a GS legit
So I can get that same bitch stressed

Yeah, yeah, the great Shawn Black and Sadat X.....(More crew shoutouts)
(chorus x
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