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Journey To The City Of The Dreaming Dead lyrics

(The Dark Lord's seventh Dream-Journey to Illumination)
"(I travel the most) Secret Passage in my Dream, a Gateway back to Hell
None can hear my silent scream... (I follow to) the Whisper of the Well...
...Tongues that speak of Lunacy, (of) Blackness, Pain and Doom !
I linger though forbidden veils (of) unknown twisted Truth (of the ELDER GODS)"
"(Their) Knowledge black eats my soul. (I) become one with the Dark...
(As) Visions of the Metal Throne enlighten (and) stir my Heart !"
"On my Journey to the City of the Dreaming Dead...
(I) Find the Truth (of) Magic Spells (of) Innocence and Wrath...
On my Journey to the City of the Dreaming Dead...
(I) Find the answers to the riddles of all Life and Death..."
"(Unearthly) Citadels of Power Gleaming ('neath the Dragonsky) (Monuments of might, now) withered and decayed.
(This land of Shadows was) once a realm of ancient Glory (now it has become a sad) Palace of Dismay !
I have sworn to bring the Seed of Life back to this place !
(By) Magic black (and) Rites forbidden I control their fate ! (The Time has come to wake the Dreaming Dead from their Timeless Slumber...")
("They moan and writhe in agony and pain
Dark Warrior-Demons breathe foul air again !!!")
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