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In The Mouth Of Madness lyrics

From the pits of hell
A legion of hatred
To break the holy spell
All that is sacred
In the midst of confusion
Heat of the battle
An angel in armour
The power of metal
Warrior of steel
To fight the deceiver
You're in for the kill
A non-believer
Wings stained with blood
Sword deadly metal
Come fight if you dare
The angel in battle
Battle angel
Slay with wrath divine
Battle angel
Feel his rage and die
Ascending with power and might
Wielding his sword of revenge
See the fire of truth in his eyes
Destined to fight battle angel
Taking to the sky
Guardian in glory
In grace so divine
And pure victory
Celestial fighter
Defender leader
The armies of heaven
Crushed the deceiver
Saviour from the sky
Stand and deliver
Fight and never die
Reign on forever
You who brought us steel
Blessed us with metal
Forever blessed be
The angel of battle
On wings made of steel
He flies through the heavens
He's stronger than ever before
If your heart is evil and your soul is false
Prepare to meet him in war
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