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The Golden Dawn lyrics

Deep within, beneath the flesh
A fire burns inside you.
A sacred flame, a beacon
Calling you to all that's true
If it is extinguished
Then a lonely man you are
For though you'll walk with thousands
You'll stand up for nothing.

Humankind is good
And humankind is evil
A vessel for God
And a playground for the devil
As you learn to measure
Pain against pleasure
Your heart will awaken
To the Golden Dawn
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We all have our share of sorrow
When life disappoints us
But the hope for a better tomorrow
Is an island of light
In an unfathomed sea of darkness

Hold on to the truth
And protect that flame
Golden Dawn portends
An even brighter day
Be a student of the Word
Let your voice be heard
And on your dying day
You'll look back and say,
"I lived what I believed,
Built a life with what I received,
Forgive me my sins,
Heaven let me in."