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Sadie, The Weak lyrics

Sadie says "I'm so bored"
I said "You're just a girl"
Yeah well Sadie says she wants fun
Yeah well Sadie says "I want love"

Sadie says "Feel me"
Sadie says "Love me"
Sadie says "I want it now"

"Daddy daddy, feed me now"

Oh and Daddy says "That ain't love"
Daddy says "it's in your heart"
Well Sadie says "but I want to"
And Daddy says "well if you will"

Sadie says "I don't care who you are, just as long as you can give me what I want."

"Now feel me"
"Feel me"
"Feel me"
"Now feel me"
"Feel me"

"Fuck me, all the way"
"Fuck me"
"Fuck me"

"Love me"
"Love me"
"Love me evermore"

Sadie says
Sadie says
Sadie says
Sadie says

"I want to know"
"and I want it now"

"give it"
"Comon and give it"
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"Feel me"
"Heal me"
"Love me"
"Feel me"
"Fill me"
"Love me!"
"Love me!"

"I'm so lonely, I could give it up to just about anyone."

Sadie says "ohhhoo"
And Sadie says "ohhhoo"
"Now I'm feeling better, ohhhoo"
Well Sadie says "ohhhoo"

I can make my choices, I do not need your will, and if I don't get far, I can kill myself if I will

Sadie says "Hold me"
Sadie says "Need me"
Sadie says "Screw you"
Sadie says "I love you!"

And if I don't get far, the world is beautiful, and I love you deep down, the world is beautiful

Don't you see?
In the stars
God is not there saying
"Girl don't frown"
We made him up
Just like everything
We made it up
To fill a void

And god is satisfied so

The world is beautiful