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Malone Lives lyrics

I wanna grow up to be a funky Euripides, the fly on the street, the beat, bat
The breeze, what, the ease, what release, to be or to be not and see not and
Hear not ... come on. It's not that a big of a deal, just another mouth to feed
And another bread to steal I feel I'm loosing my grip about to slip about to
Fall of the wagon and have another sip. Periodic fake divines, these times as
We see ‘em are packed with cons that can't wait to see him. the cave the
Cathedral, the peasant the pope, the hope of the people is a prayer for dope.

All night long we have to keep it up all night long. And right to the next damn
Day, we have to do the shit they say. All night long we have to keep it up all
Night long. And right to the next damn day, we have to do the shit they say.

And we choke in the vomit of our belief and we greave as we go on in disbelief.
In this world in this life that we are living where it is nobler to take than
To be giving. Stop. Get behind excess stress and no caress this form of society
Is making a mess. Moreover, it's over and it's a damn crime. How many we are
Killing in the meantime.

So I'm pushed to my feet so I can beat the air that was giving me heat way back
Over there. It's only fair to give guy a slack the big aphrodisiac, the new
Jack the ever confusing cool cat. Now see me fly on the Nashville skyline
Walking the fine line, reciting a new line, holding my balls while taking the
Calls, sorry we're closed. I'm on the bottom of the Niagara Falls. But I still
Believe and with so little to give I don't wanna deceive only Malone to live.
We take it back that the hope is the dope. The dope's the hope in the shape of
A rope.