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Copycat lyrics

Im as big as they come when Im over the phone. Im as
Clean as they come when Im fixing my zone, on my own.
Clock my clone, lock my home, cool it. I don't pretend to be
Gentle because I fool it. I tackle the Jekyll on his mission to
Crack and I be squeezing his throat and Im beating him
Back. We gotta go for attack before he gets far, blow up
The death star and kill the copycat. Now to the next episode
When we are back on the road and we are racing time and
We are cracking the code. It aint the new players mode
That makes it worth while. The style we walk the extra mile.
2500 years reclaiming what they had, don't blame the
Copycat. 70 years reminiscing what they said, don't blame
The copycat 2500 years reclaiming what they had, don't
Blame the copycat. 70 years reminiscing what they
Said,don't blame the copycat
I broke the fall and covered you all, so what's that. I make
The call for bouncing the ball, you got that. Mr. Jekyll or
Hyde well I gotta decide which one. I'll get you screaming
Like a bitch in case you want some. Im seconds behind,
Behind my own pair of mind you see I gotta catch up if I
Wanna be found in me. Holding my brain that looks like
Going insane I feel like Dorian Grey and Im out of the
Make a false move bitch I make you fall like Niagara Falls,
Big and hairy balls, hear my calls, break the dolls. Mr. Hyde
Breaking out from my fucked up mentality read the news
Tomorrow another lyrical fatality. Lurking in the shadows I
Wait for my pray to come. Striking from the darkness I invite
You all to get some. Tall dark and handsome I hold your
Kids for ransom. Psycho motherfucker I'll be famous like
The Hansons.
London after dark feel me breathing down your neck,
Sending chills down your spine hear my micr