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I'll Let You In lyrics

I operate a searchlight
From a tower through a window
Many hours I spend looking for you
Ever since you've been gone

So I've been looking for you baby
Every morning and every evening
You never said the reasons
But you said we'd meet again

And when the storms that you once threw
Get thrown back at you
And you just can't stand to stand in your own skin
I'll let you in

I'm nailed to the tail of a whale
At the bottom of an ocean
Any day here I'll have to
Come back up for air

I'll be waiting for you baby
In the city in the jungle
Sitting pretty waiting for you
Knock on my door

So when the friends that you once knew
Don't remember you
And they tell you that you can't be born again
I'll let you in

I control the weather
From a dial in the kitchen
Lighting fires from the burner
It's absurd but it works just fine

I've been thinking about places
I've been to and have loved me
And I've had to been sad to
Had to leave cuz things got lost

[And when the friends that you once knew
Don't remember you]
And you just don't think you'll ever learn again
I'll let you in