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A Thing Called Rain lyrics

I think I’ll quit my job today,
Spend the money that I saved
I think I’ll build a boat for me
And sail myself across the sea
Cause’ every night the sun goes down
And the morning helps me come around
The coffee likes to chase the booze
The booze it likes to chase the blues

I kept your picture in a frame
I kept your heart out on a chain
But hearts don’t belong on chains
And pictures don’t belong in frames
People come and people go
Foe to friend and friend to foe
And you do just what yer supposed to do
Cause the clock don’t ever stop for you

she thinks she knows me oh so well
for six nights in a cheap motel,
she gave her heart away for free
she gave it all away to me
but im needle dancin’ on a pin
match under my heels again
not every bird will sing for you
don’t matter how you ask her to

can’t believe the way she acts
she doesn’t even know the facts
but ain’t that just the way it goes
when you’re telling truth in liars clothes
born and raised and born again
and I can’t tell you why or when
but everything will happen twice
sure as fire, sure as ice

so it’s broken hearts and dusty roads
and somewhere there my soul explodes
with every piece of every day
and everything I meant to say
and where I’ll be, no one can tell
I’m fishing in a wishing well
and i’m doing the very best I can
I just hope you’ll understand

now I seen all the lights that shine
countless colors in my mind
they climb and swim and spark and glow
and ask me what it is I know
I know a thing called love
a thing called thunder in the sky above
now I know a thing called pain
now I know a thing called rain