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Punching In Reality lyrics

And I told them that I'm here so uhm (laughs)

Uh and I'm so far through,
Got it written out like an O-R-Q
You really want it?
I really want it
Dressed for success,
And I'm so far through
Setting up to swing for the whole--par 2

You really want it?
I really want it
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Dudes my age didn't think I had it,
2 months later and I'm flying to grab it
I ain't gonna front I've been dying to have it,
Watch your act girl their dying to have me
Where's the radio?
Now they wanna play my shit,
They've been waiting on me
Now I gotta pay my tip
I've been dreaming up
Oh well crazy me
My heads swelling up
Prolly take the act


Life's speeding up
Gotta stay in tip-top shape,
And everybody wakes up late
I'm like
If you want something
Better go and chase that shit
You like a girl you like
Date that chick
I'm on a path to success
Tell them envy me
But were doing it together- envy we
Or envy she
Cuz I'm hitting her up
We gonna let loose
And light up the sky
She says she hates her "x"
But I don't ask "y"
Cuz I don't have time I don't have time, no I don't have time