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Hello lyrics

I saw the way that you were looking at me, saying "hello, hello, hello, hello"

And babe the whole time you were looking at me, your saying "hello, hello, hello, hello, hello"

Alright, even when it's crazy
I stay classy like Mercedes Ma,
Life can get you down
But never stop don't play that lazy card

Buenos dais is what I say
Live to fight another day
I'm charged up on the track
And were not even using double- a

So unique and different
I don't ever have to cop sounds
Picture perfect clear
Tell Sony we got it locked now
And they wanna get locked down-
Jail break
Spittin automatic game-
Go and call a tailgate

We Told the world to listen
And yeah that's what they did
Showed up to rap audition
And yeah they loved the kid
And we good
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But life has got me waiting man
Already impatient
Like a chick that you've been dating
And will not give you access
Here's a new distraction
Bump this if she's passive
Bet you she'll get active
And that's a fact kid
Now your getting action
Happend in a flash
Well that's what I call a smash hit

Ok, first in line, newest trends
That's why we some fresh kids
Yo what up to Florida I feel like we are "Destin-ed"
And if I texts chicks
Bet you that they'll be diggin it
When I hit this shit
Ima quit this shit
Lemme get this shit
I don't dig this shit

We always changing attitudes
You stick with your latitude
While I raise up the ladder dude

Early like a bad sleep
Waking 'for the rest of them
And when they make the freshman list
I'll be the fucking best in it

So tell me where do I go
When my life looks hard
And my night look low
And my life looks so

Different how we do this dude
Ladies think they smart
But I can change them
Like a rubrics cube

They said they new the dude
Right before he hit it big
Word to Oprah Winfrey
I'm 'gone live the life
They wanna live

So book the flight
'Cuz baby girl we gon' be traveling
My style is the best
Nice girl with a chest
I got these words like scrabble bitch