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Pimp lyrics

We got static in the front and there's panic in the back
If you challenge me again then my pen will attack
Cadillacs multiply 10,000 when we ride correct
You when you're wrong get gone mow say goodbye
You see I'm still on top this is my spot to rock
And this shit won't stop
Don't bother checking the clock
Give me a few ticks and I'll drop the tock
While Skinny's got my back like Capt. Kirk got Mr. Spock's
Block to block rockin' shame shame if you're jockin'
And I'll drop a playa hater if I catch him cockblockin'
This game can't be contained I'll maintain my reign
While you strain to hang still my style remains
I got leather interior white wall exterior
A Cadillac as big as an aircraft carrier breaking down barriers
Shaking your dariers Cadillac killers tell me what could be
Scarier Skinny's on the mix and these Trix aren't for kids
So phatten up the kicks and pull back the mids
Lets wax attack trax I'm back to mack
That I got game and about fame yeah I've been known to attract
That Cadillacs pimp a playa tha mack the mayor
Funky rhyme sayer make you want to say yeah
So dis this or dismiss this have a very merry Christmas
Nigga I don't give a shit you see that's never been my business
I'm a pimp a playa the mack the mayor funky rhyme sayer
Make you want to say yeah he's a pimp a player
Don't give a shit see he don't care he's a pimp a player
So all you tricks should beware he's a pimp rollin' with my road dogs
We broke and rewrote laws once
You hear my flow then you'll know where you stole yours
Read it in the papers take it to the bank
I'm a Cadillac so you better be a tank
I sank your battleship so whatcha gonna do
You can't hide because you've got no place to run to
Who knew I knew you're thru
What's new over the cuckoo's nest once blessed
One flew back in fact I never left the attack
Just paused with the cause kicked back and cold macked
Like a like a true player funky funk rhyme sayer
Bandwagon is the dragon and I'm the dragon slayer
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