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Kickin' Up Dust lyrics

Skinny's got the tracks I got the raps my name is wax
Makin' money by the stacks like 10,000 Cadillacs
Snappin' necks and cashin' checks
I wrecks a mic like a Mexican trippin' on tequila
Better notify your next of kin cold loco like a Cocoa Puff
Cuckoo for that funky stuff rollin' with some
Roger cause you know that shit
So ruff so tuff I'll huff and puff a blunt
And sink a drink right out that bottle
10,000 Cadillacs on the motherfuckin' throttle not a goddamn roll model
You best recognize I'll take a Billy D. any day over St. Ides
In my pocket there's a Trojan throw on a slow jam
Some Earth, Wind, and Fire and I'll hit and run
Until you find the one that makes you realize that your player days are done
You put the Cadillac in park and let the motherfucker idle
It's like Skinny said wax is unbridled
I'm a horse without a saddle like a snake
I'll shake and rattle always prepared for battle
I'm a motherfuckin' Cadillac
Cops are corrupt and kids are kickin' up dust
And it's about to erupt the world is ready to bust
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