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Get Gone lyrics

All the player haters trying to block my game
All those fakers making paper off of my name
All the babies killing babies on the playground
All the static on the street you got to stay down
Run up and test me try to arrest me
Better have wore a vest P-O-L-I-C-E I see me beatin' the case coppin'
No please I bought the jury hurry up and catch up what's up
You know it never lets up and if it gets you down
Put on the crown now get your heads up
I got my wing tips don't need a grip to collect my chips
Forty sip equipped not to trip as I pimp the apocalypse off the rip
And on the rise see through the messiahs lies
Got to silence all the cries the destruction and the demise
We try to make it better make some cheddar make some cheese
Coming correct we respect T-H-U-G's
And these are the warriors and poets with a prophecy
And I love that Bizzy Bone when he says
That nobody can stop me who shot me
Am I bleedin' my heart goes out to Cleveland
10,000 Cadillacs don't know the meanin' of retreatin'
While you're scared and all alone
Cadillac crown is on the throne
Ask somebody if you don't know you betta phone home get gone.
You know it's hittin' on the one so son put down that gun
Doesn't look like you're prepared to battle
And this Cadillac will not run
I see you lookin' at me stunned my skin has got me shunned
Not takin' no shorts or leavin' the court 'till my report is done
So dum ditty dum ditty ditty dum dum
Your girl is lookin' at me like she's gonna give me some
All stereotypes aside one nation as we ride 9,999 got my back
And take my side what's your sign
Feel the vibe join my tribe expand your mind
Underlined pimp defined down for mine
As diamonds shine and I'm 24 karat
Through skills I will inherit Cadillacs are claimin' Cleveland
And we ain't prepared to share it
Get gone.
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