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Exercise In True Love lyrics

My heart broke for the last time last night
When I saw her disappear into the moonlight chasing midnight
As I sat paging through the newspaper reading about who's at war with who?
Who's lying to who? who's beating who?
I reached for my cup of coffee
As black as the minds of men and the hearts of women
And I felt an uncontrollable emptiness.
I looked up and through the glass window
Hazy with a blanket of industry
When suddenly the most beautiful woman appeared
Like a cherub familiar yet strange.
I felt as if I knew her as well as my own secrets
Yet I knew nothing.
I felt an urge to jump out of my seat and hold her
Then I realized a beauty of this magnitude
Need not be tarnished by the expectations of another
Nor could she ever again be what she was to me
At that very moment an ounce of faith
For a soul drunk with apathy.
It's strange how we instinctively
Attempt to alter what we love
Often spawning the antithesis of it's own incarnate.
This masochistic ignorance defines our species
And will ultimately lead to our demise.
As for my love outside that window
Untainted she walks alone.
I hope you know
I hope you know that I love you for
Forever and when forever never comes
You'll be in my arms together-together-forever-forever
We are one
We are one
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