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    I want you to know
    How my heart aches with your loss
    First your Father
    Now your Mother
    Life's most precious treasure
    Though they are no longer
    With you on this earth
    They will forever
    Live in the hearts
    Of all who loved them
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    I may not be right next to you
    To tell you how much "I love you"
    I may not be right next to you
    To give you a "Hug" of comfort Distance is a factor in our relationship
    But you are in my thoughts
    Everyday, from the moment I wake up
    You are in my thoughts
    You are in my heart
    And you are in my prayers

    I can never replace
    The loss of my beloved grandparents
    But as your Daughter
    I will always be here for you
    I am but a phone call away
    And if you close your eyes and think of me
    "Daddy I'm right beside you"
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