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  • Just A Song lyrics

    So when my voice breaks
    It's called interpretation
    When I
    Hold a note
    It's cause I want to...
    Not cause I feel anything about you
    So don't flatter yourself thinking that I
    Love you...
    Make you emotional
    From major to the minor when I
    Lose control
    I'm not trying to impress you
    Break it down
    And I get your attention
    But it's just formula
    Don't need your validation, validation

    This is just a song
    The music plays and then
    Then it's gone again
    This is just a song
    The words don't mean a thing
    And everytime I sing
    I loved you all along
    Remember, remember...
    This is just a song

    Now I've been nothing
    Yes, I'm on auto-piolit
    Have selfish words
    Even singing while I'm sleeping
    Just cause you have showed up here to see me
    Doesn't mean I'm going home with you this evening
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