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    I'm going digital
    I'm going digital
    Come and watch me now
    Just watch me
    It's time to watch me now
    Just watch me
    I'm going digital
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    I'm about to get it started
    3 2 1 let me blast off it's
    Time for my limelight exposure
    Pull up to your screen
    Front seat if you wanna
    I'm a post a youtube flick every week so
    You can tell me why I will rise to the beat yeah
    Call me the internet champ
    I'm a spin my web and catch these...
    Watch me watch me watch me go
    Blast it off I'm a count it down like
    6 5 4 3 2 1

    I know you wanna see the way I rock
    Rock ohh
    I really wanna see them hands pop
    Up ohh
    I'm a post it
    You can watch it
    Gimme feedback
    Then we can act it
    Hit me up and get connected
    Hit me up and get connected

    Follow me,
    Twitter my style
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