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  • Be With You (Complete) lyrics

    Ooooh baby
    Ooooh baby

    I love the way you make me feel
    It slows down time
    Come in my bedroom and turn of the lights
    You wisper softly in my ear
    Makes me unwind
    The way you touch me lets me know you're mine


    I'd rather be with you
    'Cause I love the way you scream my name
    And there's no other men to give me what I want
    And makes me feel this way
    I'd rather de with you
    'Cause you hustle hard
    To take care of me
    I'd rather be with you
    Boy I'd rather be with you

    I love the way you look at me
    Staring to my eyes
    What do they say to you
    Boy don't be shy
    Tonight's the night your fantasies
    Will all come true
    I am your woman
    I belong to you

    There is nothing
    I won't do for you
    I know my soul connected me to you
    I feel so safe when I'm alone with you
    I'm holding back nothing
    Saving it all for you
    Baby I love makin' love to you
    It's like a high
    I can't come down from you


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