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  • Melt My Heart To Stone Remix lyrics

    [Verse 1: adele]
    Right under my feet is air made of bricks
    That pulls me down turns me weak for you
    I find myself repeating like a broken tune
    And I'm forever excusing your intentions
    And I give in to my pretendings
    Which forgive you each time
    Without me knowing
    They melt my heart to stone
    And I hear your words that I made up
    You say my name like there could be an us
    I best tidy up my head I'm the only one in love
    I'm the only one in love
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    [Verse 2: kanye west]
    And I will be trying to come around my girl acting like mister friendly
    And steal the spotlight like mr. bentley
    I spotted her like spud mckenzie
    And for them fake boobies I paid them benjies
    Get your own, I got paris he got nicky he tried to get em a clone
    He said yeah you know you got extra hoes
    And everything you do is extra cold
    From the polo fleece to the jesus piece
    I got family in high places like jesus' niece
    Can I please, say my peace
    If y'all fresh to death, then I'm deceased
    And this one here, is a heat rocks
    Spit like a beat box, the way the beat rocks
    New version of pete rock!
    But for that benz I get cl love
    So I switch my girls around like 3lw
    I'm calling

    [Bridge: adele]
    Why do you steal my hand
    Whenever I'm standing my own ground
    You build me up, then leave me dead ooh-oh
    I hear you

    [Outro: kanye west]
    And yes yes y'alls one, two's
    The beat won't stop
    And yes yes y'alls one, two's
    The beat won't stop
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